March 2018 - Greta Bucinskaite, RWPE1 Prostate Cell spheroid

3D reconstruction of z-stacks taken through spheroid structure.

RWPE-1 Prostate Cancer cell line spheroid showing E-cadherin (red), Phalloidin (green) and DAPI (blue).

By Greta Bucinskaite

 February 2018 - Alex Wan, Zebrafish Aortic arches

Alex Wan

Depth-coded 3D image of Zebrafish Aortic arches, taken on the Nikon A1R confocal microscope in the IRF by Alex Wan.

"The transgenic line used was a Kdrl:EGFP which highlights vascular endothelial cells. The image shows the aortic arches 3-6 (aka pharyngeal arches) of a ~3.5dpf zebrafish embryo at 20X magnification. The development of the aortic arches and sub-branches are being investigated between 3-4dpf. The arches shown are the same as it would look like in human embryos but morphologically change to what we know as the aorta. The project is to assess the changes in these aortic arches observed between morpholino-mediated knockdown and uninjected controls. The sub-branching of these aortic arches are also important as changes are reported to lead to congenital malformations (eg patent ductus arteriosus) observed commonly in human patients with thoracic aortic aneurysms and dissections." -Alex Wan, Child Laboratory, SGUL.

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