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Our Light Microscopy Suite enables Confocal, Epifluorescent, Bright Field, DIC and Phase Contrast imaging, as well as Slide Scanning. Live time lapse imaging can be done on the new Nikon A1R microscope fitted with an Okolab incubation chamber for temperature and gas control, as well as the Zeiss LSM510 and Axiovert 135.

We provide training in the use of all systems and will aid in experiment design to ensure that you generate the images that you need.


LM section background


Top left: Prostate cancer cells in a spheroid (Valderrama Lab) with e-cadherin (Alexafluor 568) and DAPI staining. Top right: 72hpf Zebrafish embryo (Osborn and Kim Labs) with wdr11 (Alexafluor 488) acetylated tubulin (Alexafluor 568) and DAPI staining, image taken with Nikon A1R. Bottom: Alician blue, Haematoxylin and Eosin stain of rat knee section, image taken with Hamamatsu RS2.0 Nanozoomer slide scanner.


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